Gymsource Rubber Hexagon Dumbbell Pair (2,5kg - 50kg)
Quantity Required:
2.5kg Pair
5kg Pair
7.5kg Pair
10kg Pair
12.5kg Pair
15kg Pair
17.5kg Pair
20kg Pair
22.5kg Pair
25kg Pair
27.5kg Pair
30kg Pair
32.5kg Pair
35kg Pair
37.5kg Pair
40kg Pair
42.5kg Pair
45kg Pair
47.5kg Pair
50kg Pair
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Gymsource Rubber Hexagon Dumbbells


  • Heavy duty rubber encased head: minimize noise, floor damage, and wear and tear on the dumbbells themselves.
  • Ergonomic chrome plated handle
  • Handle construction ensures the head does not come loose
  • Sold as a pair. 
  • 2,5kg increments up to 50kg