If you are looking for strong, reliable and tested functional training gear, then look no further! The Back2basics range is hand picked and geared for serious strength, conditioning and reahabilitation training.


Body Craft is one of the world leaders in gym equipment innovation. Started in 1994 they produced the first home gym with rotating cable arms. The BodyCraft engineering team strives to create the perfect product for the end user be it home, light commercial or commercial. BodyCraft's success lies in their devleopment of high quality and functional strength equipment.


A Spanish brand offering you customized solutions adapted to each kind of sector: gyms, sport facilities, hotels, medical centers, hospitals, work centers and offices among others.


When you choose Gym Source, you are choosing more than fitness equipment, you are entering into a relationship that will enhance your life, improve your performance and insure the effectiveness of your every workout through every day you use your equipment. 


Faster. Better. Stronger

Jacobs Ladder

With a commitment to product excellence, and the ability to provide a “One of a Kind” full body exercise, you won’t find a more complete or effective single piece of gym equipment than Jacobs Ladder.


For nearly two decades, we have been an industry leader in helping consumers lose weight, improve their health, or train for competition. Through our dedication to quality hardware and progressive technology, our consumers receive astonishing health benefits and unbeatable value.

Octane Fitness

Octane Fitness has won more than 55 Best Buy awards from consumer and trade magazines. And it's no surprise because these solidly built, heavy-duty cross trainers deliver health-club quality and performance into the comfort and convenience of home or commercial facility.

PULSE Fitness

Our story covers more than 30 years; starting simply from an idea to help build healthier, happier communities – and growing into a business partnering more than 10,000 leisure facilities in 32 countries across 5 continents.


Schwinn offers a full lineup of groundbreaking and affordable cardio solutions - smartly designed airdynes, upright and recumbent bikes, treadmills and elliptical trainers that integrate the latest apps, innovations and entertainment options.

Strength Master

Founded in 1994, Strength Master has been specializing in the development and production of fitness and body-shaping equipment. Strength Master has had a long and distinguished history of product and technical excellence, earning an array of international commendations, awards and certifications.


SEG is dedicated to offering superior products that promote healthy body / mind balance through a customer-friendly business organization, SEG Superweigh is proud of its reputation of quality, competitive prices, on-time delivery and exceptional after-sales service


Since its founding in 1981, TRUE has been built on two core guiding principles: Build the highest quality products and support them with superior service. Over the years, the fitness industry has changed, new markets have sprung up and the needs of our customers have evolved, but those principles remain constant and we remain ever-vigilant in working to achieve them.

In keeping with our values, TRUE has always strived to equip our machines with the latest technology and safety features since the beginning, giving our customers the very best exercise experience possible while providing peace of mind. Here are some of the revolutionary advancements we’ve made in the industry over our 30+ year history.


Wattbike is engineered to enhance the performance of any athlete, whether you’re a complete beginner or an elite athlete.