Commercial and Home Gym Equipment Financing


Rental: We offer Rental programmes for commercial gym facilities, including corporates, education and hospitality entities, and the like. 

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These facilities are subject to application approval and terms & conditions will apply, if approved.



Gym Equipment Finance



Benefits of Rental

  • Rental Conserves Cash: Rental allows you to obtain the fitness equipment today while spreading your payments affordably across time. It provides 100% financing so you are not required to make a large down payment, if any. Renting your fitness equipment frees up working capital for more productive operational uses and expansion opportunities.
  • Rental Can Provide Tax Advantages: A Rental Agreement is treated as an Operational Lease for accounting purposes and the rental payments are treated as operational costs and deducted from your company’s income. VAT is typically deferred over the lease rental term and payments reduce tax liabilities. Having the VAT deferred is an added bonus because there is no interest or finance charges on the VAT as in standard financing.
  • Flexible Payments and Terms:  Subject to agreement, flexible and structured payments, extended terms and equipment additions and upgrades are all possible.
  • Leasing Is Quick and Easy: Once all the required information is received, you can usually receive an approval within a few working days. This ensures that you get your fitness equipment and facility operational in a short time frame.

Gym Africa has included these descriptions for informational purposes only and does not claim that gym equipment rental is the best choice for all scenarios. As well, Gym Africa has no preference in the payment options a client chooses, whether it be cash payment or a rental. 

Subject to Terms and Conditions. 


 Finance: We offer finance via FinYou for home and commercial gym equipment. 


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