SPRI Braided Resistance Band with Handles
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Very Light Resistance (Yellow)
Light Resistance (Green)
Medium Resistance (Red)
Heavy Resistance (Blue)
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Ideal for Gyms, Universities & Govt Depts.
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SPRI Braided Resistance Band with Handles

The SPRI  Braided resistance bands offers all the same benefits as other braided exercise bands, and then some. The braided rope-like construction makes this the toughest tube in the braided resistance bands market.
The handle not only provides comfort, but also allows all four tubes to come through the connector independently, making the SPRI Braided Band durable enough for any type of braided resistance bands exercise. 
Anchor our resistance bands to any secure object, step on it, or use with a partner for variety in your resistance bands training.
Colour-coded resistances range from very light to heavy.
Sold individually.