Black Training Bumper Plates
Force USA Training Bumper plates
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Ideal for Gyms, Universities & Govt Depts.
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Black Training Bumper plates

Force USA Training Bumper Plates are ideal for personal users wanting a heavy duty plate designed to be strong and safe when lifting overhead. These bumper plates will help protect your floor and bar from damage when placing the bar back on the floor.

  • IWF spec diameter 450mm
  • Weight tolerance - +/- 3%
  • IWF colour / weight match
  • Collar opening = IWF spec 50.4mm







  5kg 450 25 Black  
  10kg 450 40 Black  
  15kg 450 56.5 Black  
  20kg 450 69 Black  
  25kg 450 86 Black  


Trust in the knowledge your Force USA Training Bumper Plates are 100% covered by the Force USA Bumper Plate Back to Base warranty.

General wear and tear and any misuse is not covered by this warranty. Please note the 5kg bumpers must not be used on their own and are NOT designed to be dropped when on bar unaccompanied by larger sized F-TBP bumper plates. Always ensure larger sizes (10kg and above) Force USA Training Bumper Plates are on the bar at the same time if ever using the 5kg Force USA Training Bumper Plates. Dropping the bar from overhead or unevenly will drastically reduce the lifespan of your bumper plates so always practice quality training techniques. The Force USA Training Bumper Plates are Warrantied for Personal Use only. We recommend studios, clubs, gyms and cross training boxes purchase the Force USA Pro Grade Colour Bumper Plate series or Force USA Power Bumper Plate series if you wish to be covered for commercial usage.