Back2basics Stackable Safety Plyo Boxes
Quantity Required:
15cm Height (Yellow)
30cm Height (Red)
45cm Height (Grey)
60cm Height (Black)
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Ideal for Gyms, Universities & Govt Depts.
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Stackable Safety Plyo Boxes
These Soft Plyo Boxes come in four varying heights which are perfect for beginners through to experienced box jumpers.
Box jumps are a great way to develop power, strength and cardio movement in any workout.
What makes these perfect for for all users is they take away the fear of injury which, can be a very real drawback in anyone's training. The boxes are firm enough to do plyometric exercises, but soft enough they won’t injure the users shins should they miss a jump.
• Boxes can be stacked on top of each other and are held in place securely with Velcro flaps.
• Unique stackable design minimizes space required.
• Light and easy to move around.
• Dual Surface Plyo feature a single hard surface side and two non-slip surfaced sides.
• Painless coordination, strength and power development through lower and upper body jumps, drops, and pushes.
  • Comes in four different heights 15cm, 30cm, 45cm, 60cm
  • Working platform area – 91x76cm.