BACK2basics Slosh Balls
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Small - 30CM
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Large - 50CM
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Back2basics Slosh balls

Slosh Balls are water fillable reinforced plastic balls that allow you to perform strongman lifts like:

  • Stone Lifts
  • Stone Carrys
  • Bear Hugs
  • Shouldering Drills
  • Powercleans

These tasks are hardcore exercises normally performed with Atlas Stones by the strongest people on the planet. Mere mortals like you and I normally can't get near them because Atlas Stones are ridiculously heavy and expensive. Not to mention a bit unsafe - you wouldn't want to drop one on your foot. So if you're not quite ready to tackle the World's Strongest Man competition but you'd still like to be able to get the strength and fitness gains on offer with these lifts, then the Slosh Ball is the ideal training tool.

The water makes them move erratically. They'll challenge every muscle in your body while testing your concentration. Lose focus and the Slosh Ball becomes an untamed monster. You're forced to learn to lift correctly or you won't be able to hold onto it. And don't worry about dropping it. It won't break and the cushion of air easily absorbs the impact so you won't damage the floor. Slosh Balls are a safe and effective way of training every muscle in your body. Learn these compound lifts and you might just be on your way to owning your first Atlas Stone.

Slosh Balls come in three sizes: Small, Medium and large.